Zohophyton was born on the shore of a sulfurous lake in Berlin.
He was transported to the green hills of Wuppertal where they raised him under perennial rain nearby a raging river.

One day he descended the hills to crawl away for several years.
As it turned out he sneaked into the libraries and studios of Trier, Marburg and M√ľnster to gain lots of knowledge and experiences.
After finishing his studies in philosophy, mathematics, art and illustration he returned to his hometown Wuppertal where he still lives.

Nowadays you can find him in his small tower on top of an old building.

By day the evil beast works in disguise at a special school for handicapped children but at night it shows its true face.

Then Zohophyton either picks up his crayons or he chases the scent of wild cookies through the dark alleyways of Wuppertal. He also likes to read and eat books, climb rocks, buildings and trees and he loves to listen to metal.

There is no reason to be afraid to contact Zohophyton!

Thank you!
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